Friday, July 31, 2009

International food

International Grocery in Carbondale is famous for the food sold inside. It's a special place in Carbondale that just sells international food. Inside you can buy Chinese food, such as dumplings or Chinese noodles and so on. And you can also buy Korean food, such as sushi. If you like Spanish food, it's also a good choice for you. I go to IG once a week. The main purpose for me to by some real Chinese food. In China, people also try to taste some new kinds of food. They most like to take like Italian noodles, or some American fast food. However, the international food more popular here than in China.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fast Food in America

Fast food is a public food in America. Most American people love to choose it over other food. For me, I love fast food, too. For example, I love pizza and hamburgers. I love these kinds of food because these kinds of food are not public in my country and I seldom eat them. I am interested in fast food. There are three reasons that I love to eat fast food. First, fast food can be made in a short time. I can eat it as soon as possible when I order it. Next, fast food includes rich materials. These materials are new things for me because I never eat them. Finally, there are many different kinds of fast food in America. Fast food supplies many flavors for people to choose. I can choice many things that I want to eat. However, not every kind of fast food is what I like to eat because some fast food is unhealthy. For instance, fried chicken involves too much oil. I will not choose fast food that is fried already. I only love fast food that made in a healthy way.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Fried rice

Fried rice is a delicious food and people can cook if by themselves easily. It is easy to cook in three ways. First, people need to have rice. People should prepare rice that was cooked yesterday. Second, people can choose any vegetable and meat that they want to eat. Many kinds of food involve rich portions and fiber so people can choose them. Third, vegetables and meat are cooked with rice. After people choose vegetables and meat already, they should fry them with rice. People should try to cook fried rice because they will know how it easy is to cook.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Fried rice

Fried rice is an important food for Chinese people. People need to eat fried rice in daily life. For me, I used to eat it in my dinner. It is my favorite dinner. First, fried rice involves rich portions and fiber that people must have every day. Fried rice is a healthy and delicious food because it usually comes with meat or vegetable. Second, fried rice is easy to cook for everyone. People can put some meat and vegetable that they had cooked yesterday and fry with rice. Third, people can make different flavors in fried rice. People can put everything that they want to eat in it. When people are lazy to cook or want to supply nutrition after work a whole day, they can cook fried rice in dinner time. It is a good choice for people to eat for dinner.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


My hometown is Hangzhou China. There are so many kinds of food in china. Different places have different food. North China is famous for spicy food. People in the south always cook food not greasy or strongly flavored. My hometown is in south China so that I don’t like too spicy food. Sometimes cooker will put a lot of sauce and oil so it has sweet-smelling, but few people can not adapt to this kinds of food. Chinese people not only eat rice but also eat noodle, especially for in north China. Further more, people in the north plant wheat, but people in the south plant paddy. I want to try different kinds of food in the world.


Kim-chi fried rice

The only food that I can make it is Kim-chi fried rice. It’s easy to cook and delicious. First what I need is Kim-chi. Kim-chi has changed its taste since it was done being made. The best time to eat Kim chi is the middle time between flat taste and sour taste. If Kim chi’s smell is too sour, you should throw it away. And I need boiled rice, onion, Kim and butter. Kim is a kind of seaweed that looks like black paper, and that most American know by the word “Nori”, but that word is Japanese. Kim is Korean, because the person who made Kim was named Kim. Also, Kim is the most common family name in Korea. And last thing is meat. I prefer tuna, but you can put in ham, turkey or whatever you want.

Now, let’s start to cook. First, put butter in a big pan, and put in Kim chi and onion. When they are boiled, you should put in tuna. And then, if the tuna is boiled, you could put in the rice. The point is that you should put more Kim chi juice in while your cook. You can control the spicy taste by yourself. If you put a lot of Kim chi juice in, it would be spicy. And you should mix it well, so every grain of rice color would change to orange. The last part of the cooking is the Kim. You can mix the Kim in the rice. Then, it’s done. If you like fried egg, you can put it on top of the Kim chi fried rice. It would look like Kim chi omelet.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


This is the most favorite dish of Indians, Pani-puri. We need some ingredients such as tamarind, water, coriander leaves, chili powder,
cumin seeds roasted &
black pepper, sprouted green gram
(mung), jaggery or Sugar, and salt.

We need to boil the tamarind in the water untill it is soft enough to strain. Add the ground spices, salt and chopped coriander leaves. If the mixture is too thick, dilute it with water. Make a small hole in each puri
and stuff it with some mung sprouts. We should serve the pani and puri separately, so it will be easy to eat.

Kim-chi stew

I am going to write about the Kim-chi stew. Have you heard about it? This is the food that I can make really delicious. I can cook many foods, but I do not know whether they are delicious. I need onions, garlic, side pork and Kim-chi. It is just my way to cook Kim-chi stew; there are many different ways to cook it. But I make it like this. First, I boil water and then I put a side of pork and garlic in it. Next, I put Kim-chi and Kim-chi soup in it. And finally I put onions in there. And then boil it for 15 minutes. It is one of the Korean traditional foods. But its taste is different depending on home styles, because we all cook in different ways.

How to Cook an Omelet Containing Fried Rice

I like to cook an omelet containing fried rice, and Japanese people call it ‘Omu-rice’. I used to cook it when I lived by myself near my University. I need eggs, chicken, mushroom, carrot, onion, ketchup, and some flavor. We can choose two type of taste of rice, which is rice with butter or rice with ketchup. If I cook the former, I will mix chicken and vegetables in rice. If I cook the latter, I will mix mushroom and vegetables in rice. Garlic will make rice with butter tastier. I will cook each of the ingredients and they will be covered by egg. And then, next part is my most favorite part and I will draw art or letters on the egg with ketchup. I like drawing a smiling face on it and I liked to write down my name on it when I was child. I think almost all children like the dish, because mothers tend to cook it for their children and it is a famous of food which children like.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cooking Time!!

I am a good cook, so I can cook a lot of dishes. Especially, I can cook “ Omu-rice” very well. When you cook it, you will need rice, eggs, ketchup and some vegetables. First, you will crack eggs and stir them with milk. Milk makes an omelet soft. Then, you need to fry the rice with ketchup and some vegetables such as diced onion, carrot or green pepper. When you finish frying the rice, you will make an omelet. Next, you will put the omelet on the fried rice. Finally, you can put some ketchup on the Omu-rice as you like. It seems to be easy to cook, but you need to practice in order to make it.

How to cook a chocolate cake

I barely cook because I live with my family. My mother always cooks for me. However, I like cooking. So, sometimes I learn cooking from my mother. It is the first time to learn how to cook a chocolate cake. It is really easy to cook because we use an IH cooking heater made from Amway. It is really convenient. I need butter, flour, chocolate syrup, and eggs for cooking a chocolate cake. First, I warm a frying pan on the IH cooking heater. Then, I put a little butter on the frying pan. After the butter melts, I turn off the IH cooking heater. Next, I add eggs and flour to the frying pan and mix them up. After mixing them up, I add chocolate syrup. Just mix them again. After that, I need to hit the frying pan in order to draw the air from all the flour. Finally, set the IH cooking heater to “Cake.” Just wait for a while. That’s it! Sometimes I bring the chocolate cake that I make to my friends' birthday party. My friends look like happy. I also become happy.


Who doesn't like Pav Bhaji? From kids to adults, everyone just loves this street food and it is thus always a hit with the whole family. It is from Western India. I love it mainly because it is a snap to add zippy flavor to fresh veggies. Pav Bhaji is such an excellent meal extender that I always make it whenever I feel my menu needs a boost. To make this dish you will need potatoes, carrot, beans, cauliflower, mutter, capsicum, tomato, onion, paprika, red chili powder, garam masal powder, ginger garlic paste, milk, pav bhaji masala, tomato paste, sugar, green chilies, chopped onions, lemon sliced, salt as per taste, butter and pav buns. Pressure-cook all the veggies (carrot+potato+capsicum+mutter+beans) except the cauliflower with enough salt. Mash them nicely and keep it aside. Now Microwave nicely chopped cauliflower for just 2 minutes and keep it aside. In a heavy bottomed pan that has little butter/oil, add the sliced onions + sugar and sauté it until transparent. To this add Ginger-Garlic paste and chopped green chilis along with the masala powders and sauté it for another 2 minutes. Now add nicely chopped tomatoes and the tomato paste and sauté it for another 2 minutes. Add in all the mashed veggies along with half cooked cauliflower and enough water and milk, cook on medium flame for 7 to 8 minutes with stirring and mashing of the veggies here and there. Have them hot with some fresh chopped onions and lemon juice along with nicely roasted Pav Buns.

How to Cook Green Curry

Foreigners know Thailand from tourist spots such as Phuket, and Pattaya. However, Thai food is one of the most famous kinds of food in the world. We can see Thai food everywhere around the world. The Thai government tries to encourage people to run Thai restaurants in other countries. Thai food that foreigners like to eat is Pad Thai, Nam Prig Ka Pi, Red Curry, and Green Curry. Today, I’m going to teach you how to cook Green Curry with curry that you can buy from the International Grocery stores. First, you have to stir-fry curry with the oil 2-3 minutes. Then, put some chicken in and keep stir-frying until the chicken is almost cooked. Next, put a little coconut milk in and stir-fry for 2 minutes. After that, add about 2 cups of water and wait until it boils. Then, put in green beans, and add some sugar, fish sauce, and kaffir-lime. If it tastes good, you have to eat it with some hot rice. It’s very easy to cook Green Curry. Not only Thai people can cook Thai food, but also foreigners can do it.

Pan-Broiled Rice Cake

I am going to talk about how to make Pan-Broiled Rice Cake. It is called “Tteok-Bok-Gi” in Korean. Before making it, we have to prepare some ingredients. These are rice cakes, a cabbage, an onion, a carrot, a green onion, boiled fish pastes, an egg, Korean hot pepper paste, sugar, starch syrup, and water. Firstly, wash the rice cakes and remove water of rice cakes. Secondly, slice vegetables so they are easy to eat. Thirdly, boil water. Fourthly, add Korean hot pepper paste, sugar, and starch syrup in water. Finally, parch the vegetables and other ingredients with sauce. Now you can enjoy pan-broiled rice cake. The most important thing is that you should add rice cakes at the end. In Korea, we usually parch with noodles.

Food; how to make Japanese curry

I made Japanese curry for my close and good American friends yesterday. I wanted them to eat Japanese food made by real Japanese. First, we went to Wal-Wart to buy ingredients. We need potatoes, onions, calottes, beef, and curry roux. You can put in chicken instead of beef. Ingredients are very simple and you can make it easily. After shopping, prepare one pot, pour water into half of the pot and heat it. Next, peel potatoes, onions, and calottes. You can put and boil beef first in the hot water while you are peeling. Finishing peeling vegetables, you put potatoes first, because it takes longer till they are tender. Then you can put other vegetables at the same pot. You can let it look for about 10 minutes to make them tender. After that you take the curry roux and melt it in the same pot. Even if you melt all the curry roux, you have to keep heating and mixing ingredients and curry roux. When the roux is pulpy, you can finish heating and pour the curry roux in on the rice on your dish.


Some people are interested when they are cooking. Other people cannot make anything. I can make some food, but I do not know whether it is delicious or not. I hope it is good. The food that I can make is grilled. I did it many times with my family while we lived in the UAE or in Jordan. It is easy; I cut a big piece of meat into small pieces, wash them with water and lemon, and put little salt and pepper on them. After that, when the fire is ready, I make the meat like Shish kabob, and put the small pieces in skewers over the fire for a few minutes. When it is ok, you can eat the grilled meat with my wishes. In Arabic, we say: be-hana-wa-al-shefa.

How to Cook Japanese Curry

I am a Taiwanese, but Japanese curry is one of the most favorite foods for me in this world. Why do I like Japanese curry so much? Besides being delicious, it is also easy to cook. When my mother was cooking this food, I always stood beside her and watched her how she cooked Japanese curry. The required ingredients are chicken, potatoes, carrots, an onion, and a box of curry. The optional ingredient is a tomato. Tomato is one of vegetables that prevent cancer. It is such a healthy vegetable for us. Actually, it is difficult for us to taste tomato after cooking, but all nutrition is inside the food. That is why my mother chooses tomato as well. How do I cook Japanese curry? We just cut everything, chicken, potatoes, carrots, an onion and a tomato. Next, we just place everything that we cut into a big pot. We should at least cook it an hour and wait until all foods become soft. The last step is to put a box of curry in and cook it until the pieces of curry disappear. It is quite easy to cook. Everything we need is to cut and cook. We do not have to use any extra sauces. It is easy and delicious. That is why I love it.